Posted by: cncoz300711 | July 29, 2011

Hello Dog Owner

Welcome to Clip N Clean.

Give your dog an experience.

Clip N Clean gives your much loved dog a fresh, relaxed and calm grooming experience.
Clip N Clean
provides an adventure for your favourite four-legged friend to enjoy.
Clip N Clean offers professional, friendly and mobile dog grooming for all types of dogs.
Clip N Clean use quality products and ensure all dogs have the very best in choices of shampoos from soothing oatmeal, everyday shampoo, medicated and flea and tick treatments.
Clip N Clean pride our business in providing professional dog care for your prized pet. Our experienced dog groomers will provide the very best attention to detail on the clipping and grooming of your dog, along with a caring and understanding attitude to your dogs needs.
Clip N Clean understand that sometimes certain dogs may not want to enjoy the adventure or experience of being groomed. With our experience, lots of patience and a caring attitude, we are able to reduce the stress on your dog, leaving your dog relaxed and stress free.
Clip N Clean
provides a very unique service, operating as a team of two professionals working on each dog. This enables better control and less stress, providing a more enjoyable experience for your dog.

Tails will Wag after a Clip N Clean dog grooming experience.